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Backed by the Tsitsikamma Mountains’ mighty Storms River Peak and surrounded by swathes of indigenous forest, Stormsriver Village, in South Africa’s Eastern Cape, is an incredibly scenic destination known as an adventure sporter’s paradise. At the Tsitsikamma National Park and others nearby, adrenaline-junkies delight in ample opportunities for canopying, ziplining, tubing, bungee jumping, kayaking, snorkelling, segway riding, cycling, and hiking through the bright green, wildlife-rich jungles, rivers and sea. The renowned Otter Trail begins here, and the famous surf mecca Jeffrey’s Bay is just 80 kilometres away. Other highlights include: the luxury spa at the Armagh Country Lodge; several charming craft stalls and boutiques; and a collection of interesting restaurants, such as Marilyn’s 60’s Diner, a retro eatery decorated with a jukebox, 1961 Dodge Lancer and various other vintage cars.


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